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Gift Bags and Boxes

TIP: Choose unique gift boxes than can be decorated with Bible verses and cheery designs.


TIP:  Baking is messy.  Be prepared.  Consider getting aprons for your group.  Aprons come in many different sizes, colors and materials.  Choose aprons that will fit your budget and goals.  For fabric aprons, consider stitched or vinyl monogramming.  For disposable aprons, have someone with artistic abilities personalize with a Sharpie.

Free Cookie Recipes

Cookie Ministry Kids, Inc. Tips & Recipes

TIP:  If you purchase from this website, Cookie Ministry Kids will receive a commission and 100% of these proceeds go towards our ministry.  Thank you for shopping here.

Making 3-D Cookies

TIP:  I am working on a video to teach you how to make 3-D Cookies!!  I will post here as soon as it is up and going. 


TIP: #cookieministrykids to connect with others who are participating with this ministry and so that you can share your message on facebook and twitter more easily.

Please keep in mind:
1.  A hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces.

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Baking Supplies

TIP:  Buy kid-friendly supplies that are brightly colored, easy to read, and can handle being banged around.  Also, make sure they are not so big that they will be too heavy for little hands and that they will tuck neatly into storage tote at the end of the day. 

Storage Totes

TIP:  I use storage totes as my mixing bowls for big events. It comes with a lid, and you can select a size that will fit in your refrigerator.  When the party is over, wash it and tuck your supplies into the tote for the next time.  Dedicate this tote to the Cookie Ministry Kids and let the kids decorate it.